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 Server Info -Read-

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PostSubject: Server Info -Read-   Sun Jul 12, 2009 1:16 am

The server info is

-Runs on 3.1.1-
-Has fully working telle npc-
-Has all custom items working-
-Over 34 Obstacle Courses (climb/jump/kill/maze events)-
-Event coins-
-Event venders-
-PVP coins-
-PVP vender-
-Has Start Penguin gives you a choise to start as lvl 20 or 70-
-A Welcome Cow gives you start mount and gold-
-3 Custom PVP Arenas-
-5 Pet Tamings Areas-
-Custom Weapons/Armor up to lvl 90-
-Azshara Crater Leveling & Quest area lvl 20 - 70-
-Hidden StrangleThorn Vale Leveling & Quest Area lvl 71 - 74-
-Loch Modan Leveling & Quest Area lvl 74 - 80-
-Arathi Highlands Leveling & Quest Area lvl 80-84-
-Hillsbrad Foothills Leveling & Quest Area lvl 84-90-
-Custom Lua-Scripted Instances-
-Old Monastery lvl 80(custom t7 drops)-
-Rescue Honor Hold lvl 80 (ally only)(custom t7 drops)-
-Rescue Thrallmar lvl 80 (horde only)(t7 drops)-
-RFC Raid lvl 80-
-Deadmines lvl 90 (custom t8 drops)-
-Hyjal 10 Mans Raid lvl 90 (custom t8 drops)-
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Server Info -Read-
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