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 Rampage's Dev app

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PostSubject: Rampage's Dev app   Mon Jul 13, 2009 2:00 pm

1.Age: 13, going on 14

2.Time Zone: (GMT -8:00 Pacific TIME (US &Canada))

3.Online time one week: On average 30 -40?

4.Time on Server: I just joined the server* Smile

5.Account: Rampage

6.Main Char: Rampage

7.Horde or Alliance: FTW HORDE

8.Job: I am applying for Dev and admin? is that what you mean? irl I don't have a job.

9.What have you done before with a wow server: I have worked on several servers:

Mond-WOW - 4 months (fell apart do to hackers) Admin/Dev

Atomicwow - 9 months (bought by some guy) GM

WOWequinox - 2 months (died) Admin

EESTRAZ'SfunSERVER - 5 months (owner died Shocked)

10. Any other info that can help
I am fun, mature, and funny. I am smart and have a lot of knowledge as a player and as an admin and dev. I have a great imagination and want to put it to use. I have been looking for a fun server for a while but just found yours. I am going to go play now Smile.

**Even though I just joined the server, I think I'll be a great addition to your staff.
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Rampage's Dev app
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